The Sampson-Matthews Print Collection

  • 'Ships in a Classical Calm' - B.C. Binning

  • 'Evening, Nipigon River' - Yvonne Mackay Housser

  • 'Algoma Country' - Lawren Stewart Harris

  • 'Mist Fantasy' - J. E. H. MacDonald

  • 'The Ferry, Quebec' - James Wilson Morrice

  • 'Ice Cutting' - J. E. H. MacDonald

  • 'Potato Pickers' - J. E. H. MacDonald

The Sampson-Matthews print program was the largest public art project in Canadian history.  Launched at the start of the Second World War, it lasted twenty-two years and cost tens of millions of dollars in today’s currency.  At its height, it employed many of the country’s best commercial painters, designers and artists, working full-time to create masterpieces of serigraphy.